Planning your Wedding is a Process… and it begins with you establishing a realistic time line so everything is stress free. Our “Bonus Features” Page has multiple links for people just looking for “Wedding Checklists

1. Getting Started:

  • Planning Timeline: A comprehensive guide to planning your Las Vegas wedding in chronological order.

12 Months before do this:

  • Set a budget: Determine your total wedding budget and allocate funds to different categories like venue, attire, vendors, etc.
  • Choose a date and time: Consider factors like weather, availability of vendors and venues, and sunset times for photo opportunities.
  • Research wedding styles and themes: Explore different styles and themes to find one that resonates with your personality and vision.
  • Start a guest list: Create a preliminary guest list, considering your budget and venue capacity.
  • Research wedding venues: Visit Las Vegas and explore different venues that match your style and budget.
  • Book your venue: Once you find the perfect venue, secure your date with a deposit.
  • Begin researching vendors: Start researching and contacting vendors like photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, and DJs.
  • Book your officiant: Choose an officiant who aligns with your beliefs and personality.
  • Apply for your marriage license: Research Nevada’s marriage license requirements and start the application process.

8-10 Months Prior you add these to your list:

  • Book your remaining major vendors: Finalize your vendor contracts for photography, videography, catering, floral design, and entertainment.
  • Start shopping for your wedding attire: Research and purchase your wedding dress, groom’s attire, and accessories.
  • Book your hair and makeup artist: Secure your hair and makeup artist for your wedding day.
  • Book accommodations for yourself and your guests: Research and book hotel accommodations for you and your guests.
  • Send out save-the-dates: Send out save-the-dates to inform guests of your wedding date and venue.
  • Create a wedding website: Create a wedding website to share information with your guests and provide RSVP options.

4-6 Months to go and it’s time to:

  • Order your wedding invitations and stationery: Design and order your wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and other wedding stationery.
  • Book transportation: Arrange transportation for your wedding day, including limos, shuttles, or ride-sharing services.
  • Finalize your wedding menu: Work with your caterer to finalize your wedding menu and dietary accommodations.
  • Plan your ceremony and reception timeline: Create a detailed timeline for your ceremony, reception, and other wedding events.
  • Start planning your wedding favors and gifts: Choose unique and memorable wedding favors for your guests.
  • Start writing your wedding vows: Begin writing your personal vows to express your love and commitment to each other.

2-3 Months and your special day nears:

  • Send out your wedding invitations: Mail your wedding invitations to your guests.
  • Confirm vendor details and timelines: Confirm all arrangements and timelines with your chosen vendors.
  • Purchase wedding rings: Choose and purchase your wedding rings.
  • Schedule your pre-wedding appointments: Schedule appointments for hair and makeup trials, dress fittings, and any other pre-wedding preparations.
  • Plan your honeymoon: Research and book your honeymoon trip.
  • Delegate tasks to family and friends: Delegate specific tasks to your family and friends to help with wedding preparations.

1 Month and you ave no worries because you followed your plan:

  • Confirm guest RSVPs: Track down any outstanding RSVPs and finalize your guest count.
  • Make last-minute purchases: Purchase any remaining items needed for your wedding, like wedding favors, gifts, and decorations.
  • Pick up your marriage license: Pick up your marriage license from the county clerk’s office.
  • Pack your wedding bags: Pack your wedding bags with everything you need for the wedding day, including your attire, accessories, emergency kit, and toiletries.
  • Rehearse your ceremony: Have a rehearsal with your wedding party to practice the ceremony flow.
  • Relax and enjoy your engagement! Take some time to relax and de-stress before the big day.

1 Week Prior and it’s all Green Lights:

  • Confirm final details with vendors: Re-confirm all arrangements and timelines with your vendors.
  • Delegate wedding day tasks: Assign specific tasks to your family and friends to ensure a smooth wedding day.
  • Deliver wedding favors and gifts: Deliver wedding favors and gifts to your venue for distribution.
  • Pack your honeymoon bags: Pack your bags for your honeymoon trip.
  • Relax and spend time with loved ones: Enjoy quality time with your family and friends before your wedding.

Wedding Day:

  • Relax and enjoy the day! Focus on celebrating your love with your partner and cherish every moment.
  • Delegate tasks to your family and friends: Let your designated helpers handle any logistical issues that


  • Wedding Budget: Budgeting tips and resources specific to Las Vegas weddings.
  • Legal Requirements: Information on obtaining a marriage license in Nevada.
  • Guest List: Tips for creating and managing your guest list.
  • Wedding Insurance: Why wedding insurance is important and how to choose the right policy.